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Fees for Counseling and Therapy Services

We believe that openness and transparency are keys to building good relationships. Please keep in mind that this fee structure changes from time to time. Come back to this page anytime you need to know our current fee structure.

If you are relying on your insurance to cover all or part of our fees, please note:


1) Coverage is based on medical necessity. We are required to submit a diagnosis to your insurance company in order for services to be covered.


2) You may be responsible for a deductible, co-pay or co-insurance costs.


We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company for their most accurate, up-to-date information about your coverage.

Self pay rates apply for services not covered by insurance. These may include but are not limited to phones calls with doctors, GALs, psychiatrists and school social workers. These services will be billed in 30 minute increments. The financially responsible party on file will be notified 24 hours before the consultation takes place.


Self pay rate varies from $135-$175 depending on your therapist’s licensure.

Please inquire via email for your therapist’s self pay rate 

Cancellation Policy
No show fee

Any time a client fails to attend a scheduled appointment without giving appropriate notice of cancellation, they will be charged a $150 cancellation fee. Repeated (2 in a row) no-shows will result in termination of services.

Late cancel fee:

Any time a client cancels their appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, they will be charged a $150 cancellation fee. Each client will receive one (1) pass per 6 months (January 1-June 30, July 1-Dec 31) where the late cancellation fee will be waived in the case of illness or emergency.Repeated (2 in a row) late cancellations will result in termination of services.

Repeated cancellations

Frequent cancellations (more than 2 consecutive cancellations) will result in termination of services. This means that the client will lose their recurring appointment time after 3 or more consecutive cancellations.

Requesting medical records

Requires 30 days to complete after written authorization
Prorated based on the amount of time spent at hourly rate

Subpoenas, legal consultation, depositions

Includes travel time$2000 retainer. $250/hour based on time spent.

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