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Meet the Team!


What Supervision Looks Like at Smart Behavior Solutions

Over 40 years of combined experience

Alex and Irina both graduated from Dominican University and obtained a master’s degree in social work. Irina is able to channel her experience from her time at hospitals and schools to lead the next wave of talented clinicians at SBS who are completing their supervision hours. In addition to her LCSW, she has also completed her CADC certification.


Alex has experience with children and young adults on the spectrum. In 2019, Alex also obtained a degree in Special Education to add a behavior-analytic lens to his clinical practice.


Lauren and Maria are both graduates of The University of Chicago. They both have experience working at schools and providing guidance to parents to help them support their children outside of the classroom.

1:1 Supervision

Every therapist is paired with an individual supervisor and they are challenged on a weekly basis to create and implement behavior plans, add skills to their toolbox, and learn how to dissimilate behavior analytic concepts into everyday language.

Group Supervision

Maria Zundek LCSW, University of Chicago fellow, teaches Acceptance and Commitment Therapy concepts, provides a collaborative approach to problem-solving case conceptualizations, and provides a resource for clinicians to practice and sharpen their skills.

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