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Why Were We Created

We started Smart Behavior Solutions with the goal of going against the grain. While most therapy practices use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a means to modify thought patterns to change moods & behaviors, we use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help patients recognize and accept the many aspects of life. ACT helps patients understand who they are and choose the associated beneficial behaviors. These behaviors are based on the most important people & things in life.​​​

What Makes us Diffrent

We've discovered a process that works. Achieving those beneficial behaviors will happen, but they always need to relate back to the most important people & things in life. Sessions will be fun because our therapists need to learn what makes your child happy & excited - basketball, comic books, football, Fortnite - what is important and how can it be used moving forward? We’re going to identify tangible goals and work hard to crush them. 

Get to Know Us

The team at Smart Behavior Solutions is led by, Alex Serrano. While Alex works primarily with you parents - training you to elicit values and create custom behavior plans - the kids are partnered with our amazing clinical therapists. And together they'll work to identify and achieve social & emotional goals.

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