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Therapy Sessions

Helping tweens and teens is what we’re known for. We use the the science of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and pair that with your child’s unique interests and our witty and quirky therapists. That’s a recipe for a personalized, fun and against the grain model of therapy. We guarantee that your child will walk away with a memorable experience. 

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Kids and Teens

Being an adult is hard. Let’s figure it out together. Whether you’re away at college, struggling to figure out your next move after high school or completely flustered with everything that entails being a mid 20  year old, let’s get started with figuring out what’s important to YOU. Let’s get your compass calibrated and figure out some direction to your life.

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Young Adults

Whether your child is struggling with outbursts or having a difficult time managing their feelings , we’re here to help. It’s our job to help you reinforce the skills that are big taught in session.Parent support looks different for every family. Some families want a 30 minute check in every week while others want a more comprehensive review of their family behavior plan on a no weekly basis. Whatever your schedule allows for, we’re here to help you become less frustrated with how you’re feeling in the most frustrating moments with your child.



Fresh Outlook

Welcome to Smart Behavior Solutions. We’re happy you’ve found us! We know you might have been through the wringer with other therapists. We know you might be frustrated, tired and desperate. And that's ok! We're here to give you a unique experience & fresh outlook..

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Next Steps

  1. Schedule a phone screening with Alex via our inquiry page ( below )

  2. Verify insurance coverage

  3. Complete paperwork via simple practice

  4. Complete parent/goal session (if applicable)

  5. Your first session

“The strategies that Alex implemented to help with our son’s problem behaviors were easy to follow and simple to comprehend. Our boy loved visiting him every week.”

- mother to 11 year old ADHD patient

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